Government starts an inquiry into the central prison incident

Mogadishu (SONNA)-The caretaker prime minister of the federal government of Somalia Mahdi Mohamed Gulled has formed a commission that will probe the incident that happened at the central prison where inmates over run the guards and got hold of fire arms. An attack followed living a number of prison officers and inmates dead,SONNA reported.

The high level commission includes the justice minister Hassan Husein Hajji (chairman), Dr. Suleiman Mohamed director of public prosecution, Gen Hijar the police commissioner, Gen Mahad Abdirahman Adan prison boss, Gen Abdullahi Kamey military prosecutor and cornel Hussein Adan director of Criminal investigation department.

The commission has been instructed to open an immediate inquiry into the happenings of 10th August 2020. The commission are to report their findings to the care taker prime minister Mahdi Mohamed Gulled.

The commission have been given 10 days to conclude their investigation and submit a detail finding that is actionable. It will be 10 days from the date the commission has appointed. The mandate of the commissions will be terminated once the investigation is closed.

The commission can appoint a technical team that will perform specific tasks under their supervision.




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