UK Support Communities In Lower Shabelle To Mitigate Effects Of Flooding


UK (SONNA)-Devastating floods caused by heavy rains have affected about 37,000 people in Somalia resulting in a humanitarian crisis.

Somalia’s Ministry of Humanitarian affairs yesterday reported that about 15,400 people have been displaced as heavy rains caused flash floods and riverine flooding in the south-eastern coastal regions of the country. The rains have also disrupted and destroyed business activities, communication networks and roads within the city, impacting community livelihoods.

Working closely with the Somali government, the UK is providing emergency supplies such as sandbags and mosquito nets to affected communities in Lower Shabelle.

The emergency supplies were today delivered in Afgoye, Sabiid, Baririire and Awdheegle towns in Lower Shabelle to help vulnerable communities better cope with the effects of flooding in the region.

Property and numerous critical infrastructure networks have also been destroyed leaving many people without any source of income. Working with local authorities, last month, the UK supported the construction of several roads including Janaale-Bufow road. The opening of the roads is crucial in enhancing trade and job creation in the region.

In addition to the flooding, Somalia is struggling with COVID-19 too. In partnership with local authorities, the UK provided hand washing stations across various towns in Lower Shabelle in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the region.

The hand washing stations also include information creating awareness on good hygiene practices including regularly washing hands with soap and water to reduce the impact of corona virus and save lives. In addition to the hand washing stations, communities also received basic supplies such as hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves and hand washing soap. In areas where roads were inaccessible, the Somali National Army distributed the essentials to communities.