Police chiefs from Arab Nations meet in Doha, Qatar

Doha(SONNA)- police chiefs from different Arab countries converged in Doha to discuss issues that affect the Arab league countries. Security has become a common challenge in most Arab nations and police chiefs want to have a common approach.

Somalia is among the countries invited to this year’s summit as it is an active member of the Arab league of nations. Somalia will be represented by its police boss Gen. Hijaar who is leading a delegation of top Police officials from Somalia.

The meeting was officially opened by the prime minister of Qatar who is also the minister of interior and internal security Al-sheikh Abdalla Bin Nasir Bin KhalifaAala-Taani. He welcomed all the countries that are taking part in this year’s summit, he urged the heads of security to brainstorm and cooperate to achieve better security in the region

In a phone interview with Somali National News Agency Somali police chief Gen Hijaar said they discussed how to build close cooperation between different Arab countries. He said they all agreed that if their police service works together, they could achieve better individual results.

Recent history in many Arab countries such as the Arab spring has proved that scenarios in one country is interlinked with neighboring countries, a security situation in one of the Arab countries can easily spill over to other Arab countries

During the summit police sports teams from Arab countries played various games including soccer, Somalia did well in the games that it participated maintaining the reputation of the country as sports loving country. Somalia participated in athletics for the first time on an international platform since the beginning of the civil war in 1990.

Somalia’s new police boss Gen Hijaar is seeking to boost Somalia’s international relation and establishing a working cooperation with other countries that have mutual interest, this move is expected to have a positive security impact and a modern police unit.

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