Somali Government provides funds to locusts affected families

Mogadishu (SONNA)- Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E Duran Farah who was on an official visit to Puntland State took a visit to  Nugal region the most highly affected areas by locust, SONNA reported.

The Minister also visited the locust-affected Families, which are receiving support from the Government.

"We come here to find out how the registration of the families affected by the locusts is going on, the affected families will be provided with financial support for recovery, "said Minister Duran speaking to the Media.

Minister Duran confirmed that the government is committed to respond to emergencies including the locust affected famers.

Locust-affected families will receive six months 'cash in response to the locust impact project as part of the Government's Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs’s protection policy.

"We are pursuing this project so that it will be successful on time and for the right people to benefit from it. It will enable greater support for our vulnerable people and those facing emergencies," he added.

The Minister was accompanied by Puntland Deputy Minister of Labor, Employment, Youth and Sports, Hodan Said, the Head of the Rehabilitation Program, Fardowsa Ahmed Abdullahi and other officials.

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