Al-Shabaab militants targeted in airstrike operation


Mogadishu(SONNA)-The Danab, the Somali National Army (SNA), and their partners have once again struck a blow to the heart of al-Shabaab  and destroyed a large al-Shabaab firing position, SONNA reported.

At 1022 a.m. And 1101 a.m. air strikes occurred between Bacadweyne and Camaara towns near Wisil town in Galmudug State in support of a Danab operation resulting in zero civilian casualties.

This is another major blow to al-Shabaab’s means to wage war against the Somali people.

The air strikes destroyed a large al-Shabaab firing position engaging Danab and SNA forces as they approached. These operations limit al Shabaab’s ability to kill and terrorize the Somali people. More and more al-Shabaab fighters are leaving the terrorist organization that is losing to the Danab and SNA, and are defecting to the Somali Security Forces where they have been welcomed and treated with dignity.

The Danab and the SNA have been bravely fighting a long hard battle in Galmudug and with this strike, the Danab and the SNA continue their mission to protect the Somali people.

Source: SONNA/ Information Ministry