Two Al-Shabaab militants killed in a joint operation in Bay region


Mogadishu(SONNA)- On the evening of 27 March 2020. The Federal Government of Somalia in coordination with the Federal Member States and its U.S. partners conducted an air strike against al-Shabaab militants near the town of Bula Fullay, Somalia.

Two (2) members of the terrorist organization were killed in the strike. The Federal Government of Somalia and its U.S partners go to great lengths to prevent civilian casualties in its campaign to rid the Country of the terrorist group. This contrasts sharply with the indiscriminate killing of civilians by al Shabaab in its campaign against the Somali people.

As of the date of this report 29 al Shabaab terrorist have been killed in these joint strikes this year. These strike against al Shabaab shows the commitment of both the Somali and U.S. governments to rid the terrorist cancer from Somalia. At this time no civilians are assessed to have been wounded or killed in the air strike.

Source: SONNA