President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s message on international youth day

Mogadishu (SONNA)-The president of the federal government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo sent a message to the youth in Somalia to celebrate international youth day, SONNA reported

The president congratulated and thanked the youth of Somalia for their patriotism and for participating national development.

The president said unity of the youth is key to progress. The youth need to stay away from issues that have deeply divided this country such as tribalism. The resilience of the youth and the need for good governance has guided most of the policies and strategies of government institutions

The president pledged that he will do all in his power to restore the lost glory of Somalia by fighting corruption and promoting transparency. He assured the country Somalia image internationally is gradually improving and soon he hopes to restore its status in Africa and the rest of the world.

President Farmajo said “Throughout history young people in Somalia they have been a driving force for change. In just the last few decades, young people have waged numerous struggles against injustice, the Somali youth league fought for the freedom we now enjoy. Today the youth continue to fight for freedom and raise accountability, the managed to keep the country and the business community in check as the pass their appreciation and disconfirm on social media.”

The president told the youth he understands their grievances as they feel under represented and they do not have a voice when it comes to choosing leaders. The current system of governance is based on balancing tribal representation which is done through selection process and not on election.

The president thanked the youth for their selflessness as they risk their lives in serving the nation. The armed forces most constitute of the youth and they tirelessly fight the enemy so the rest of the country can stay calm. Similarly, youthful heal practitioners are in the frontline in fighting COVID 19. Due to the contingency level of the virus they are constantly exposed to infection.

Finally, the president said his administration saved a number of youth who have been held captive in foreign lands. He promised to continue the exercise until all the youth of this country have respectable job and feel safe in their homes



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