Parliament Speaker warns lawmakers not to transfer seats

Mogadishu (SONNA)-The Speaker of Somali Parliament’s House of the People, Hon.Mohamed Mursal Sh. Abdirahman expressed concern  about the debate on designation rules of the parliamentary seats and warned the parliamentarians not to  relocate seats  to other  regions, SONNA reported.

He said if an MP moves a seat to a region where he/she does not come from, It could result to lose seats in the future, because the ownership of the seat will belong to the community there.

“The citizens are all allowed to participate in any parliamentary seats, it is not influential for you to take the parliamentary seat to where it is not deserved, and you may lose your seat due to number of votes, “said the speaker.

The speaker further said that these problems may affect the co-owners of the seats and this required more pre-cautions to be taken.

He also said to the parliamentarians that they should not allow the seats to be transferred to state that does not reside in the community they don’t represent.


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