Ministry of Health Confirms increase in Covid-19


Mogadishu (SONNA)-Minister of the Health of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E Fozia Abikar Noor confirmed to the national media that the number of cases of Covid-19 registered in the country has increased in the past two months.

The results from Covid -19 tests conducted in the country from January 1st to11 February this year shows that cases increased by 52% and the number of deaths increased too, indicating a recurrence of the disease.

The ministry of Health assured the Somali community to take protective measures against the novel Corona Virus by wearing face mask, washing hands and keep distance whenever necessary.

“The Ministry is providing information sharing cases with the public and increase the capacity of the audit by giving permissions to the private sector to do diagnosis which is important to the people, “said the Minister.

The total number of people diagnosed with the disease in the last 24 hours was 1,529, with 90 confirmed cases, 3,750 recoveries and 154 deaths.