Ministerial Committee, AMISOM officers discus on civilians killed by AMISOM


Mogadishu(SONNA)-Ministerial Committee of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ugandan Ambassador to Somalia, Nathan Mugisha and AMISOM officers on Sunday held their first meeting about ways to get justice  for civilians killed in Golweyn by AMISOM troops on August, 10, 2021

AMISOM admitted that its troops killed seven civilians in Golweyn, noting that it also arrested those involved in this incident there.

“Regarding the incident in Golweyn, where AMISOM troops were attacked by Al-Shabab operatives while on routine patrol, preliminary investigations have established that the seven people killed were not members of Al-Shabab”, It said in Statement Saturday.

Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble appointed this Ministerial Committee discussing officials from the African Union Peacekeeping Troops in Somalia (AMISOM) on the deadly attack on civilians by AMISOM soldiers.