British demining company wins deal to train and equip SNA on countering IED


MOGADISHU (SONNA) – The UK government has reinforced its support to Somali National Army through training and equipping to enable the military tackle the IED hazard that has killed many security forces and civilians.

has learnt that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a contract to ISSEE, a British firm specialising in demining and counter-terrorism training, equipment, and advice.

The award of the contract follows the recent visit of Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to Mogadishu where he met President Mohamed Farmaajo and reiterated his country’s support to Somali Security Forces.

“The UK Armed Forces are helping build the capacity of the Somali National Army and have now trained nearly 2,000 troops to combat the shared threat of Al-Shabaab.  Only by working together can we lay the foundations for long-term stability across the region,” Wallace said.

The UK has recently announced a new support package for Somalia worth £21.8 million, including £1.6 million to counter the threat from roadside bombs, and a further £3.37 million for the Somali Security Forces engaged in joint operations with the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM).

The support is expected to fill part of the gap left by the US following withdrawal of 700 troops who have been training Somali National Army.