Several Al-Shabaab fighters killed in a joint operation


Mogadishu (SONNA)-The Somali National Army (SNA) and Galmudug Darwish forces have triumphed again as al-Shabaab faced another day of ultimate defeat.

At 10:53 (local time), in defense of Somalia and its people near Amara in the Galmudug region, the SNA, Galmudug Darwish, and their partners launched an air strike on al-Shabaab terrorists who attacked Somali forces.

This strike was successful and killed several al-Shabaab terrorists. This is the third strike in the last two months in defense of Somalia against al-Shabaab, and resulted in zero civilian casualties.

Galmudug has been a highly contested region, but the resolve of the SNA and Darwish cannot be stopped. They continue to fight without fear of al-Shabaab and continue to win many victories to free the people who should no longer be afraid of al-Shabaab’s terror in Galmudug.

The Somali National Army will continue to work tirelessly until the threat of al-Shabaab is eliminated and the people can live free of al-Shabaab’s terror.