Military Court sentences two Al-shabab terrorist to death, one for lifetime

Mogadishu (SONNA)-  The Somalia National Army Court has sentenced three suspects in different Charges, whose found guilty murdering of former Mahas  District deputy Commissioner in Hiran region, last April 2019 SONNA, reported.

At the conclusion of the hearing cases of the suspects  since April, the Court has sentenced Ali Ahmed Gure ( AKA Qoyane) and Nor Ibrahim Mahad Alle to death penalty  who are Alshabab members, while Abdi-rahman Sheikh Ilmi Awaale former Mahas district Commissioner was sentenced lifetime imprisonment in connection with this murder.

In this case the Somali National Army court sentenced Ahmed Gure ( AKA Qoyane) of Al-Shabaab figure in absent, while the two others were present at the court.

It was April 4/2019 when former Mahas District deputy commissioner in Hiran Region was killed a landmine, as plot by the sentenced figures.

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