Immediate Release: Update on two airstrike against Al-Shabaab militants in Kunya Barow

Mogadishu 02 January 2021, the Federal Government of Somalia, in partnership with the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), conducted two airstrikes against al-Shabaab compounds in the vicinity of Kunya Barrow. The initial assessment concluded the strikes resulted in the destruction of both targeted compounds.

The Federal Government of Somalia and U.S. AFRICOM take great measures to prevent civilian casualties in the fight against the terrorist group and investigate each reported allegation fully.

At this time, no civilians are assessed to have been killed or injured in the attack. The efforts we take to protect and safeguard civilians starkly contrast with the indiscriminate attacks that al-Shabaab regularly conducts against the civilian populace of Somalia.

The Federal Government of Somalia, with international support, maintains persistent pressure on al-Shabaab to contain the group’s ambitions to conduct attacks within and beyond Somalia’s borders.

Together, the Federal Government of Somalia and the United States remain committed to fighting al-Shabaab and other militant organizations to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians, including men, women, and children in Somalia and neighboring countries.

This strike supported the efforts of the Federal Government of Somalia to rid Somalia of al-Shabaab and to provide a better future for the Somali people.

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