Villa Somalia and SONNA meet to discuss the agency’s role in disseminating information

Mogadishu (SONNA)- The Director of the National News Agency (SONNA), Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh Abdulrahman "Heybe”, met with the Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations at Villa Somalia, Mr. Abdul Rashid Mohamed Hashi, Along with other officers at his office today.

Both officials discussed in depth about the urgent need the country requires in terms of dissemination of information related to the country’s latest developments.

In addition, the meeting highlighted the importance of delivering the government’s latest updates to the public to provide an in depth view of the circumstances the government faces and the cooperation between the public and the government.

The director of the Somali National News Agency pointed out the importance of working with the communication office of the presidency and public institutions, as it provides the public with the need to know the government's information and plans.

Moreover, the Deputy Director of Information and Public Relations Mr. Abdul Rashid Mohamed Hashi reaffirmed the President's commitment to enhancing the quality of public and private media, to raise awareness of our people for governance, democracy and development.

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