US warns of terrorist attacks in Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya (SONNA) - The United States embassy in Kenya has issued a warning on the possibility of a terrorist attack on major hotels in Nairobi.

In a brief statement posted on the embassy's website, it is believed that hotels used mostly by the tourists visiting the country and business travelers are believed to be targeted.

The embassy has advised tourists and others at the Nairobi Hotel to exercise extra vigilance. and they should be very alert on this insecurity issues to avoid loss of lives .

"If you are staying at a hotel monitor the situation, plan ahead of time to leave the hotel in case of an emergency," said the statement from the US Embassy in Nairobi.

Since the United States Embassy has declared a direct information telling US citizens who live in Nairobi to be alert and to show attention and keep an eye out for situations where things may happen and to monitor the local media news.

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