Ugandan president presided over the passing out parade of Somali Cadets in Uganda

A colorful ceremony was held in Kampala to see the graduation of Somali national army cadets. The cadets have completed one and half years of vigorous training in Uganda.

The ceremony was presided over by the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, also present at the event was Ugandan Military Commander, Somalia Inventory unit commander, head of training Vila Somalia, acting Somali ambassador to Uganda, diplomats and president of Somali students’ association.

The president inspected the parade and received a salute from the cadets. The cadets performed a colorful display of their skills. Both the Ugandan and the Somali cadets who were graduating showed impressive skills.

The graduates took an oath at the event, the Ugandan President handed over awards to the top performers throughout the training. An officer form the Somali army named Harun was among the awarded team for his outstanding performance throughout his one and a half years of training.

The Ugandan president Mr. Museveni gave a speech at the event and advised the officers to put national interests before their own since they took an oath to do that.

The Commander of the Somali inventory unit praised the cadets for their devotion and for persevering one and half years of hard training, he advised them to use all the skills they learnt since their training will be crucial to Somalia. The Acting ambassador to Uganda Ali Mohamed Mohamud also congratulated the soldiers and the people of Somalia for the great steps being taken to reach self-sufficiency in all sectors including the security sector

The Somali cadets were immediately flown to Somalia accompanied by the Somali officials who were present at their graduation.

The officers were welcomed at the Aden Abdulle International airport by the deputy Military chief Maj Gen Abdi Hassan Mohamed, The Inventory unit commander of the Somali national army and AMISOM top Officers

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