The president of Hir-shabelle state and AMISOM officers discuss to intensify military operations against Al-shabab

Hirshabelle(SONNA) The president of Hir-shabelle state of Somalia his Excellency Mohamed Abdi Ware has visited AMISOM barracks in Hiran Region, to encourage military operations against terrorist group of Alshabab.SONNA reported.
AMISOM peacekeeping force officers in Hir-shabelle state threaten to lunch large operations against terrorist hideouts entire the region,in order to save the life of grass routes living terrorist-controlled areas.
Mohamed Abdi Ware the Hirshabelle state along with members from both houses of Somalia parliament,acting Hir-shabelle society and AMISOM officers discussed on how to expand and conduct joint operations.

The president of Hir-shabelle State gave a speech at the event and emphasized the need to liberate areas still under Al-Shabaab control in his state,He explained that some of the towns are cordoned off,because Al-Shabaab has cut off access to those areas.
HE. Mohamed Abdi Ware called for immediate joint military exercise to flash out Al-Shabab from the remaining areas in his state.
He said he wants Al-Shabab’s capability to ambush road users in Hir-shabelle state to be reduced to nonexistent,Hirshabelle has lost a lot of prominent people due to Al-Shabaab ambush on roads between the towns, while others lost life through explosives planted by the terror group that’s out to shed blood of innocent people'. he added.
Finally the president of Hir-shabelle awarded certificates to individuals in the army and other officials who made significant contributions to the development and progress of Hir-shabelle State of Somalia.

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