Suicide Attack targets Local Government headquarters

A suicide bomber targets weekly security meeting at the office of the mayor. High profile meeting attended by key Banaadir region administration officials was being held to discuss security situation in the capital.

The minister of information Mr. Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareeye visited the site of the attack accompanied by police boss and deputy mayor and he later gave a press statement. He said there was an explosion at the Banaadir administration head quarters claiming the lives of 6 people; two district commissioners, 3 directors and one advisor to the mayor. He added that the explosion also injured 6 others including the mayor of Mogadishu Eng. Abdirahman Yarisow.

Mr Mareeye said he visited the injured personally in the hospitals where they are being treated and he assured the public that the mayor is in stable condition and he is out of danger.

The minister of information said that security agencies are conducting investigation and those responsible for the attack and its planning will be brought to justice in the shortest time possible. The outcome of the investigations will be shared with the public once it’s completed and it has been cleared by security agencies for release.

Mr Mareeye said the government condemns this terrible terrorist attack in the strongest terms possible, he said officials on official duty discussing on improving the security in the capital and saving citizens were attacked and that shows the ruthlessness of the enemy.

Finally the information minister said Somalia is fighting international terrorism and we need to employ every resource we have including the public.

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