Minister of Women and Human Development opens advocacy center in Mogadishu


Muqdisho(SONNA) The ministry of women and human development for the federal government of Somalia led by H.E Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim (Habsade) has successfully implement a new center for the aim of advocating women’s quota of 30% in Mogadishu for the first time ever.

A highly organized opening event was attended by Hanif (Habsade) the minster of women and human development, state minster for the office of the prime minster Abdihakin Ashkir, members of both house of Somalia parliament, women from various organizations and other dignitaries.

On her opening remarks, minster Hanif highlighted the importance of this advocate center.

“This building was a training institute, but it came to closed two years ago, When I arrived there was no work and there were chairs and furniture only, but I decided to set up a center for this, so that we have the opportunity to interview each other, not only women’s quota at 30%, but it is important to monitor the situation of women’s competition in general, we are opening offices in all regions, police forces will work with us to ensure women’s safety during election process, in case there is a threat”. Minster Hanifa Added.

The center will have various sections, including a short telephone number that will guide all aspects of the campaign to secure women’s seats in the 11th parliamentary elections, another centers will be opened at Polling stations,to monitor women’s competition.

On his side’ state minster for the of of Somalia prime minster Abdihakin Ashkir praised the minster of women and human development for hard-working activities, and assured that president Farmajo and his prime minster are ready to implement the efforts to insure women quota T 30% as compulsory.

Since taking the office, minster Hanif Mohamed has been struggling to accelerate on her duties, such as implementations of key laws, and advancement of women and human rights