Somalia and aid organizations hold emergency meeting on Corona virus threat

Muqdisho{ SONNA}The ministry of health in Somalia had made an important meeting to mainly get concerned about the risk of the deadly spreading disease {corona virus}with some of the ambassadors in the country and charity organizations, SONNA reported.

Somali Minister of Health, Fowziya Abikar Nur reported on the National Corona virus Prevention and Prevention Plan, adding that preparations for quarantine from infected countries are being prepared and finalized.

Dr fozia on  Wednesday has called for, reducing meetings and trips mainly to those going to  abroad, so that  to avoid the risk of  Corona virus as the first cases were  found in our neighboring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia.

Charities and ambassadors who attended the meeting said they would work together to prevent corona virus from entering Somalia, hence the disease had already killed more than 3,000 people worldwide so far.

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