Somali Prime Minister praises Qatar Charity projects in Somalia+pict


Muqdisho(SONNA) In the context of achieving sustainable development goals, Qatar Charity has opened a multi-service center and charity bakery in Baidoa, the seat of southwest state of Somalia.

The opening ceremony was attended by Somali Prime Minister Mohammad Hussein Roble, Southwest State President Abdulaziz Hassan Mohammad, Ambassador Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, officials in the Federal government, Abdinor Hajji Ali the head of Qatar Charity in Somalia and others Qatar Charity office team.

The center is the first of its kind in the provinces of the state, and it provides various educational, social and development services to the people of the region, as it is expected that the residents of Baidoa, whose number is estimated at 2.2 million people, will benefit from it, and its total cost is estimated at more than one million and four hundred riyals. The charitable bakery also aims to alleviate the suffering of those affected by drought and drought by providing the necessary humanitarian aid, by distributing charitable bread daily to 2,000 families, and the total cost of building, equipping and facilitating a year is more than one million and six hundred riyals.

“We feel joy and joy at the inauguration of this project, which was one day a difficult dream to achieve, but with the power of God and thanks to the benefactors of the sisterly State of Qatar, it has become a tangible reality before you,” said Mr. Abdinor Hajji Ali Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia.

He indicated that had it not been for the efforts of state officials, led by President Abdel Aziz, to remove obstacles, this achievement, which the Somali people is proud of, would not have been achieved.


For his part, Minister of Higher Education Abdullah AbuBakr indicated, “Qatar Charity is a strategic partner for the Somali state in all service and development fields. Thanks to Qatar Charity and thanks to the Qatari government and people.” He said.

In his turn, the President of the State of Southwestern Somalia, Mr. Abdulaziz Hassan Mohamed, said,

“This service project is a qualitative leap for the population of the region, which was in dire need of such projects. He explained that his administration facilitates for the good all the means that achieve the quality projects in the state, and indicated that the Somali people will not.” He forgets Qatar Charity and its pioneering initiatives to come to his aid, and the State of Qatar has the government and people. ”


The Somali Prime Minister, Mohammad Hussein Roble, said in his speech on the occasion, “I am overjoyed to inaugurate this service project, which includes important areas for the Somali people such as health, culture, education, water, and assistance to needy groups, particularly orphans, and I have witnessed many projects that Qatar Charity has established in the Somali regions.” .


He extended his thanks and appreciation to Qatar Charity for its continuous support and assistance to the Somali people, and thanked the government and people of the State of Qatar for standing with the Somali people always. On his part, Qatar’s ambassador to Somalia, Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, said, “The State of Qatar always seeks to help the Somali brothers through sustainable projects, as these projects provide job opportunities for the unemployed to ensure stability and rebuild various institutions, so that Somalia can enjoy security, stability and prosperity.” It is worth noting that Qatar Charity has implemented a number of development projects in Somalia, as the number of multiple centers in the last two years has reached 9 centers.