Somali National Army in coordination with us parteners conducts series of military operationa against Al-shabab


Mogadishu(SONNA) The Federal Government of Somalia, in coordination with and supported by its US partners, conducted a series of military operations over the past two days targeting known terrorist in the al-Shabaab-controlled towns of Jolie and Kunyo Barrow.

These operations show the determination the determination of the FGS to pursue and bring al-Shabaab to justice for the crimes they commit against the people of Somalia.

These operations also highlights the increasing capability of the FGS Security Forces. The inability of al-Shabaab to prevent FGS operations in Jilib shows the fragile state that the terrorist organization is in.

Over the past few years, al-Shabaab has repeatedly loss territory and equipment on the battlefield. Once in control of the Capital of Mogadishu and most of the southern Somalia, al-Shabaab has seen its territory dwindle under the assault of the Federal Government of Somalia, the African Mission to Somalia, and US Forces.

The loss of cities as towns in Lower Shabelle have significantly reduced al-Shabaab’s influence and forced al-Shabaab to rely on terrorist attacks such as the 28 December bombing of innocent civilians in Mogadishu to remain relevant and generate fear amongst the local populace.

The FGS, FMS and its international partners will not rest until every citizen of Somalia is liberated from bondage of al-Shabaab oppression.

These series of military operations also proved that al-Shabaab members have nowhere else to run, and their days are numbered.

At this time, there are no reports of civilians casualties and injuries as a result of these operations.