Qatar to initiate development projects in Hirshabelle state of Somalia

The president of Hirshabelle state of Somalia Dr. Mohamed Abdi Waare received a Qatari delegation led by the ambassador of Qatar to Somalia Hassan Bin Hamsa Asad Hashim.

The two officials discussed how best to implement development projects in Hirshabelle state by prioritizing tasks ahead. Among the projects Qatar intends to start in the coming days include The constrauction of Mogadishu-Jowhar High way which will be a major boost to transport between Hirshabele state and the capital Mogadishu. This will help farmers from Jowhar and the surrounding farm areas to transport their produce in good time and benefit maximum without loss through delay.

The deputy Agricultural minister of Hirshabelle state Mr. Mohamed Bashir Qassim said the delegation visited the former Isnai sugar factory and plans are underway of reopening the plant.

The deputy minister said they also visited the rice farms and the warehouse that used to store farm produce, he said his administration will take advantage of the current opportunity that is being offered by the brotherly nation of Qatar to develop or renovate all major infrastructures.

Alongside the president Mohamed Abdi Waare during the reception of Qatari ambassador were Vice present of Hirshabelle state Ali Guudlawe Hussein, Speaker of the parliament of Hirshabelle state Sheikh Osman Barre and section of Hirshabelle cabinet.

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