Prime Minister Arrives in Mogadishu after attending IMF and World bank Meetings At Washington D.C.

Mogadishu (SONNA)-The Prime minister of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), H.E Hassan Ali Khayre, has returned safely to Mogadishu today after attending the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
During the prime minister's stay in Washington D.C, He attended the roundtable meeting to discuss the country’s debt relief. The prime minister spoke about the goals the country so far achieved, The Decision-making point in 2020, and the need for the cooperation of the youth in this long term efforts towards debt relief.
At the roundtable meeting, the attendants have acknowledged that the Somali government has fulfilled all the requirements regarding the Debt relief program. They also praised the cooperation between the Somali people and their government. In addition, they pledged to help the country in its ongoing efforts to achieve debt relief.
Moreover, the Prime Minister held separate meetings with the World Bank's president, IMF managing director, ministers of finance in the Netherlands, Italy, and Norway, The Minister for Development Cooperation in Denmark, British Foreign Secretary and US Treasury officials.
In fact, attending the IMF's annual meeting with the World Bank was crucial for the Somali government that fully met all of the SMP1, SMP2, and SMP3 debt relief requirements, all in the form of SMP4.

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