President Farmajo commissions new military graduates

President Farmajo commissioned the graduation of new military officers who graduated form Turksom training barracks. These officers underwent two years of vigorous training and classwork that has equipped them with all necessary skills.
In a speech at the event the president praised the officers for their patriotism and choosing to defend their country; an act the youth need to imitate.
the president thanked the brotherly nation of turkey for providing the facility for the training and providing experts who are constantly training Somali soldiers, this will help Somalia to be self sufficient in maintaining its own peace.
in attendance was the the speaker of the Senate house Mr. Abdi Hashi Abdullahi, Deputy minister of defense Mr. Abdullahi Olad Roble, Police boss Maj Gebn Bashir Abdi Mohamed, deputy army general Abdi Hassan Mohamed, AU envoy to Somalia Fransisco Madeira and representatives from diplomatic missions in Somalia.

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