President Farmajo addresses the special session on the horn of Africa at the TICAD Summit

Yokohama(SONNA):-Somali president H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addresses the special session on peace  and security in the horn of Africa as part of the  Japan –Africa cooperation summit (TICAD). President Farmajo shares with session the untapped business opportunities in the horn of Africa. He also pointed out the importance of extending support to the horn African states developmental goals and encouraging the positive steps they have taken forward that is based on mutual respect and shared economic and security interests.

President Farmajo reiterated his country’s commitment to the long term goal of  reviving Somalia`s image at the regional level and the reconciliation efforts made paving the way  for the acceleration of co-operation and collaboration between the three horn African nations(Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia).

Somali president has also welcomed the attendance of the brotherly Republic of Djibouti at this side-line meeting and has restated the positive role the Republic of Djibouti plays in the journey toward regional development.

H.E president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo chaired the session jointly with Prime Minister  of the Federal Democratic  Republic of Ethiopia H.E Abiy Ahmed, with the attendance of  the Prime Minister of Japan H.E Shinzo Abe, the  chairperson of the African Union H.E Mousa Faki Mahamat, United Nations Secretary General H.E Antonio Guteres, South Sudan vice president H.E James Wani Igga. In attendance were also the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Djibouti H.E Mohamud Ali Yousuf, the Republic of Eritrea Foreign Minister  H.E Osman Salah and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya H.E Madam Monica Juma, various United Nations Agencies heads  attended the meeting along with European union delegates and the international investors and other stakeholders.

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