NISA Captures Amniyat Member of Al-Shabab

National Intelligence and Security Agency captured Amniyat officer of Al-Shabab inside Shibis District, Mogadishu last night.

After the operation, NISA noted an official Twitter that the arrested Amniyat officer was assigned by Al-Shabab to carry out deadly operations taking places in both Yakhshid and Heliwa Districts.

The Twitter added that, the captured Amniyat member of Al-Shabab had already killed several innocent civilians in those districts.

On the other hand, key Al-Shabab commander surrendered to the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). The Somali Security agencies confirmed that the defector Adan Coobe, a member of Al-Shabab’s Shura council, was transferred to Mogadishu for security measures.

Recently, the number of Al-Shabab officials and militants surrendering themselves to FGS, have been increased since the security forces intensified the ongoing mature operations against Al-Shabab terrorist Group.

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