Ministry of health “NO Ebola Threat at the moment”


Mogadishu (SONNA )The minister of health Drs. Fowzia Abikar Nur said yesterday that the ministry is aware of the public anxiety towards the outbreak of Ebola Virus in the region but called for calm as there was no immediate threat to Somalia at the moment.

She said few cases were reported in Uganda and precautionary measures have been put in place to make sure it doesn’t spread to Somalia. She said the ministry was following closely the reported cases of Ebola in Africa.

The minister of health stated firmly that it is the mandate of the ministry to prevent and contain spread of contagious diseases and it will employ all means possible to prevent the spread of Ebola to Somalia.

The world health organization has reported that the cases in DRC and Uganda have not reached Public health emergency of international concern level.

Finally she called on the public to exercise patience and cooperate with the ministry of health