Minister Jama” The Justice must be achieved before security sector”.


Mogadishu(SONNA) Minister of Justice for the Federal government of Somalia H.E Abdulkadir Mohamed Nor(Jama) has reiterated the importance of improving judicial system of the country, that  can bring successful security and country’s progress ahead.(SONNA) reported.

A post on his Facebook account re-affirms that his ministry is working to improve judicial system in the country, in order to get reliable justice service for the Somalia citizens.

“By implementing the policies and directives of the Heads of State, including President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, we are working to ensure that the people of Somalia receive justice and fair and free from corruption and bias, Injustice is the absence of a government”. Minister Jama Said.

Somalia parliament has newly approved country’s judicial service commission for the first time, after long had-working by the government of Somalia.