Minister of information appears before the senate committee

The ministry of information met with the senate committee for information, culture and humanitarian affairs to present the media law that was recently approved by the parliament and also to detail out the current ongoing activities at the ministry of information.

The meeting was held at the senate premises and it lasted for several hours, the officials vigorously discussed issues of great importance. The chair of the senate committee, senator Ahmed Moalim Omar addressed the media at the end of the discussions where he said the discussions were on the milestones the ministry of information has set for its self and the likelihood of it being implemented. They also discussed the challenges the ministry is currently facing and the possible ways to overcome.

The minister of information Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mareeye also addressed the media and he said his ministry has set clear cut milestones and all the employees have signed a performance contract.

The information minister said his ministry and the senate committee for communication has a close working relation and now they will work even more closely to see the passing of the media law at the senate house and to convince all senators that the media law is in the best interest of the nation in order to achieve independent and free press.

The ministry of information has been conducting activities that promote the capacity of the ministry and specially the media through training and proper management.

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