Bakol Regional Administration Re-opens Hudur High school

Bakol(SThe school was unveiled in a colorful ceremony held in Hudur town of  Bakool region in Southwest state administration, SONNA reported.

The ceremony was attended by members of Southwest parliamentarians, representatives from Bakool regional administration, educators from Hudur town and its surroundings, parents, stakeholders and students from Hudur primary schools who are ready to join Hudur secondary school.

This comes as the ministry of finance for the Federal government of Somalia has renovated sections of the school and added new blocks to the old building to provide space for classrooms and offices.

The people of Hudur town of Bakol region and Southwest authorities thanked to the federal government of Somalia, for it’s urgent response to cover the needs of the society, when in need.

“ the dignity of the entire region has been restored, the youth in the region will now have equal chance with the youth from others parts of the country, With educated population, the goal towards national development will easy be realized”. Adan Ahmed Mohamud in local Authorities said.

Also the administrations of privately Owned educational institutions of Bakol region have shown the importance and need for higher school in the region, that covers students needs, and encouraged the efforts made by Somalia government, specifically ministry of finance which contributed it’s role.

The impact of the civil wars in the country for more than 25 years, caused the collapse of many economic infrastructure, schools,and other social service.

Hudur High School is part of those collapsed public building in the country, but, now there is a hope for state rebuilding, led by federal government of Somalia”. Ali Mohamed Shiekh Bokol regional Authorities member said.

Plans are under way to open a university in the Hudur near future, currently there is no single university in Bakool region and students have to travel other  regions  to seek university education.

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