Ambassador Qin Jian: Africa countries including Somalia achieve in fighting Covid-19.

Mogadishu (SONNA) The Chinese Ambassador to Somalia H.E Qin Jian has spoken about the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and the way Africa countries including Somalia have made remarkable achievements in fighting the pandemic.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account, Mr Qin Jiain praised Somalia government and it’s people for the way they have made significant progress in fighting against Coronavirus Pandemic.

“Africa countries including Somalia have made remarkable achievments in fighting Covid-19,the world should learn from Africa countries”, Mr Qin said.

Somalia is one of Africa countries affected by Covid-19 pandemic, but managed to stop the spread the Pandemic entire country, through government struggle and international Support including China, which played and important role of helping Somalia to get Covid19 preventing items.

Recently, Ambassador Qin Jian of China to Somalia has said that China’s infrastructure for Africa has promoted regional integration and common market construction in Africa benefiting all partners in the region, adding that it is free trade area of African continent.


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