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Mogadishu Security Crackdown: Achievements and Challenges


Mogadishu(SONNA)-The Federal Government of Somalia has launched a major security crackdown inside and out of Mogadishu, after the terrorist group Al-Shabaab attacked the Headquarter of the ministry of labor and social affairs, ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The aim of the crackdown is to flush out the extremist militants who frequently targeted civilians during this holy month to disrupt the stability of the capital.

The current Mogadishu crackdown has realized tremendous security achievements within a short time. There has been a comprehensive collaboration among government security agencies with a much better coordination of command in all security efforts. Few days after the security operation, Mogadishu has seen remarkable improvement in public confidence in government’s ability to ensure their safety.

The security agencies involved in this operation are implementing such new security measures across the city in order to restore peace and stability which is the highest demand for the residents of Mogadishu.

During the security Crackdown in Mogadishu, the following steps have been taken:

· Terrorist cells has been dismantled in Mogadishu,

· Human and material losses have been averted and the terrorist group’s free movement in the capital has been halted.

· Planned bombings by Al-Shabaab during this Ramadan have been largely prevented.

· Security conditions inside and outside of Mogadishu has been improved.

· As a result of the security operations, public confidence has been restored to a certain degree.

The Nature of ongoing Security Operation

The ongoing security operation covers all areas of the capital Mogadishu. It also features some unique aspects including; harmonization and obvious chain of command among various security agencies involved. Unification of messages and information from the security agencies improved by appointing the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Police Gen. Zakia Hussein Ahmed to act as the sole spokesperson of the security forces.

The new security endeavor has been focused on preventing terrorist attacks in the month of Ramadan which is the month that we saw increased terrorist attack because of the believe of the terrorist that the rewards in this holly month is much more than others. It has been applied a proactive holistic approach to ensure security of the capital city of Somalia.

The utilized strategy in this security procedures included security checks and searches of all vehicles passing throughout the streets of the city where the inspection imposed on all citizens in similar manner. Thus, in line with this operation, Somali government has been calling for public patience during the implementation of the new plan.

Impressive Security Achievements

It is too common that the Ramadan is considered as a holy Month in Islam, but it marks the deadliest month in which the terrorist group previously killed innocent people and civilians, not only in the streets of the capital but also inside mosques and worship places.

However, the new adopted approach prevented several terrorisms attempts and assassinations by the Amniyat of Al-Shabaab. During this operation, the terrorist militants used large Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosives (VBIE). A number of them have been found in time and neutralized before they reached public places as such number of al-Shabab operatives has been arrested.

Shortly before Ramadan, Somali security forces have seized a cache of weapons and explosive devices, including suicide belts, remote controls, grenades, cartridges and other substances used for bomb-making, belonging to Al-Shabaab militants at the outskirt of Mogadishu.

It is not too early to say that the ongoing security crackdown in Mogadishu has obviously paralyzed the already planned Al-Shabaab criminal activities in Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan. One can expect that this Ramadan most likely to become the most secured month of Ramadan than its past years thanks to the coordinated efforts of the security forces.

Operation Challenges and Hinders

Although, the degree of terrorist attacks and explosions have dramatically dropped during the month of Ramadan so far, but still the state of relative vigilant remains up-beat. More recently, a car bombing hit War-dhigley district Administration Headquarter killing several people in its brutal nature. This attack clearly indicated that the sanctity of Ramadan did not prevent Al-Shabaab from killing and targeting of innocent people even if they are claiming to be fasting for Allah.

On the other hand, the ongoing massive security operation in Mogadishu has not been free of errors to take place including road blocks installed at certain streets of the City for security purposes, restricting people to engage in their normal lives. However, disrupting public normal lives has in this case very important than allowing the terrorist to harm innocent civilians.

Finally, the continuation of the success of the security crackdown launched just before Ramadan will depend on how the security agencies and the community cooperate to ensure the security of the capital. Therefore, it is important for the residents of Mogadishu to work closely with the security agencies and publicly involve in this mission to intensify the war against Al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Abdiaziz Ahmed: Security Analyst and Writer


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