Why were they killed?

Why were they killed?



On Wednesday morning the 25th of Jan 2017, there happened suicide attacks followed by face to face attack which was claimed its responsibility by Al-Shabab who have and that they have killed apostates in the attack.

When Al-Shabab uses the word apostate what comes into the mind of the ordinary civilians are government members which Al-Shabab and those who have the same ideology with them call them apostates.

In fact, this is baseless propaganda which has no place in Islam, but there is unreported which broader than that.

Who were those people who were killed in the attacks?

That place was densely populated area where there were also large number of business centres, residential places and pedestrians, there were many casualties of ordinary civilians who were in the vicinity where the attacks occurred and the annihilation of quite number of business centres in the area.

From this point of view one can understand that aS intentionally carried out the of killing civilians, because they knew the population in the area of the attacks are civilians, they definitely also knew that their act of attack will be causing mass killings of human beings and destruction of buildings of people who who are not associated with politics.

Though we haven’t received the exact figure of the complete damage, we got access of contacting some of the people who were at the scene and they confirmed that the entire people who were killed in the attacks were civilians.

This is a good example that the terrorist groups not only target anyone who is a member of the Somali government, but also the ordinary civilians.

Late Abdikariim Hassan Hayle.

Abdikarim Hassan Heyle is a teen boy who has accomplished his second semester at Somali International University in Mogadishu on the 3rd of September 2016. Abdikarim has started his Primary and Secondary educations at Hooyga Xamar in the year 2007.

After combats in Mogadishu Abdikarim’s family moved to Elasha Biyaha location in the outskirts of Mogadishu, before he completed his secondary education.

Then later in the same year 2007, Abdikarim has enrolled himself at Mamur secondary school and that is where he has done with secondary studies.

Late Abdikarim was the sole breadwinner of his family which falls in the 3rd category of the living standard in Mogadishu [Poor].

Abdikarim’s father brought him up under harsh circumstance, his father was a porter at a charcoal market at Towfiq district in Mogadishu.

The father struggled hard to make sure that his son should successfully accomplish his studies and not become a porter like him in the charcoal market.

After successfully accomplishing his university studies Abdikarim got job from Ileeys internet café, that was located near hotel Dayax which come under attack from Al-Shabab.

Abdikarim was very contented that he will pay back his parents for their tireless efforts and on their side the parents were highly expecting ripe the fruit they have been taking care of the its growth.

But very unfortunately Abdikarim lost his life in the attack at hotel Dayax and that is where the beautiful dream of his parents have come to an end.

Father Helye’s family has been saddened by the sudden death of their son and they have not even tasted the first salary of their son.

Abdikarim was not a member of the Somali government and as well not affiliated with any political party in the country.

Late Fartun and her son

Even though I haven’t received complete information, there is also another touching story of a deceased mother by the name Fartun Ahmed Adow and her son in hotel Dayax attack. Farun and her son were among the civilians who died in the attack, and she had a restaurant in the area where the suicide attack occurred.

In the wee small hours of Wednesday, the 25th of January 2017 mother Fartun and her son left their house to open and operate their restaurant, but unfortunately they met their death via AS.

Similar to that family of father Heyle the family of Fartun don’t know why their mother and their brother was killed.

These are the least examples that I got, but the fact is that those who lost their lives in that cowardly attack have similar physiognomies with these stories or are worse. My questions are these attacks done purposely or accidentally?

Was it done purposely or what?

There are some points which will lead us to the accurate answer, and the first one is that the attackers knew that their attacks will cause such mass carnage of people and destruction of buildings, despite God has alleviated less than their expectations, through the government forces and the hotel security guards.

The joint ability of the Somali government forces and and security guards have managed to kill the attackers before they even caused more than what the explosions have caused.

The second answer is that Al-Shabab has proudly claimed that they are behind the killing of those innocent people and without differentiating them they called them infidels.

This clearly indicates that the Al-Shabab give the names infidels and apostates to whoever is not in-line with them, they apparently know that the persons whom they have killed are innocent civilians, and have not given out apology, but instead insisted that they have killed infidels. This shows that they are contented with their evil acts of killing ordinary civilians.

The civilians don’t know why they are being killed the killers themselves don’t know why they are killing who they are killing.

What can be the learnt lessons?

The three he key points of the learnt lesson are to a common vision to know that Al-Shabab doesn’t discriminate ordinary a civilians and government member, and what they only concentrate on is the capacity of the attacks they carryout.

The second point is to unite ourselves in fighting with them, because they don’t discriminate us. The third point is do we know who are the specific people who they are luring into their trap.

Written by: Abdirahman Yusuf Sheikh Al-Adaalla