Somali PM together with Hundreds of people attend prayers for rain

Somali PM together with Hundreds of people attend prayers for rain


Mogadishu(SONNA)-Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khayre together with large people attended prayers aimed at to ask Allah to bring rain and to lift severe droughts hit across Somalia, SONNA reported.

Religious leaders, students and many government officials took part the congregation prayer at Isbahaysiga Islam-ka Mosque(Mosque of Islamic Coalition) here in the Somali capital Mogadishu today.

Somali Prime Minister, Khayre said, “ My brothers, and sisters who gathered here and standing at the sunshine came here to pray Allah, I say may Allah accept our prayers, the important thing we can do is to beg god in order to quit from this hard time into prosperous”.

Mr. Hassan urged people to be account with their officials, saying the responsibility is on him and the president at moment. “ My government is committed to serve for Somali people and do more on the drought situation”.

Religious scholar, Sheikh Nor Barud called for the Somali people to united and to forgive one another in order to get mercy from god.

“We must repent to Allah, in order, we may get rains and Allah’s mercy, we must forgive one another”, Sheikh Barud said.

Minister of Information of Somalia, Mohamed Abdi Hayer said that such gatherings and prayers happened in major towns in Somalia today.

“The drought has had a very bad impact on every region in Somalia, our gatherings is ‘Roob- doon’ rain seeking, The sun is too hot and we are raising our hands up for Allah to lift droughts and give us rain”, Mr. Mareye said.

There are ongoing campaigns for collecting offers to help affected by droughts across Somalia now.

United Nations said that half a million of Somali people are facing the drought crisis while Somali government declared it as National disaster.

By Mohamed Osman “Black Cobra”
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