Countering Violent Extremism is the effective plan

Countering Violent Extremism is the effective plan


Mogadishu(SONNA)-The new national strategy and action plan for preventing and countering violent extremism is the effective plan that will address many security and serious issues we face in Somalia.

I think the plan is one of the most needed since it is inclusive and invites all members of the public including the religious leaders, private sector, officials and members of the somali diaspora who are keen to bring positive changes into the country.

Such comprehensive plan yields successful outcome in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism. It is obvious that terrorism has no grounds in Islam, Islam is peaceful religion and rejects violence, Alshabab are still exploiting the young generation who we were supposed to get brighter future through education.

We expect the establishment of comprehensive strategy to counter the extremist ideology and save our young Somali generation.

I think the introduction of online campaigns can discourage members who are at risk of al shabab ideology and today the internet became breeding ground for spreading violent extremism, therefore it is important to set up and maintain pro peace messages across online media such as social media networks including Facebook and twitter since internet users in Somalia continue to rise.

It is also vital to put into consideration Somali youth who have important role to play in the efforts of lasting peace, winning their hearts and minds may result tremendous support from them as they have the opportunity to take part the consultation.

This can be achieved through support in sports participation such football. The religious leaders have also role to play to counter narratives of terrorists groups. United we can defeat terrorism.

By Hassan Abdikadir Mohamed