Somali President declares state of war, names army chiefs

Somali President declares state of war, names army chiefs

President Farmajo in a military uniform holds press conference at the state house. Mohamed Osman @SONNA

Mogadishu(SONNA)-President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo has on Thursday declared a state of war against Al-Shabaab militants while changing commanders of Somali national Army, Security, Police and Custodial Corps,SONNA reported

“I am declaring a state of war in the country, It will not be one side, It is right and Allah will be with us, we are committed to work the safety and development of our people ,in order that every one might get a better life”, Mr. Famajo said.

The president called for all Somali forces to be prepared for the fight against Al-Shabaab militants in the country.

“Changes happened today, New commanders came,SNA, Security, Police and Custodial Corps, the army should be alert and get ready for ensuring the security in the capital and in the country as whole”, He said.

The President offered an amnesty to the militant group of Al-Shabaab, saying they lay down the arm during two month and join peace process.

“ I extend message of amnesty to youth who were made mad, Al-Shabaab told them wrong things about this country and our religion, They must return and come to us and we will welcome them with open hands, will give them education and job opportunities”, President added.

Mr. Abdulahi appointed Thabit Abdi Mohamed as the new governor and mayor of Mogadishu.

President’s remarks and changing officials came a day after a terrorist car bomb attack at a restaurant in Boondhere district in Mogadishu on Wednesday. The attack left six people dead and ten others injured.

By Ismael Mukhtaar Omar
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