Sportswear Shop in Mogadishu (Interview)

Sportswear Shop in Mogadishu (Interview)


Mogadishu(SONNA)- This is Sports-Shop which is sold only sports equipment, in particular, football dress and it is situated in Hamar-weyne district in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The Sports-Shop is called ‘A2Z Sports House’, many sportsmen in all ages are interested and come to this shop for buying football shirts, shorts, sucks, boots and other uniforms for dress according to the manager of this shop.

Abdinur Osman Addow, is the finance manager of the Sports shop, SONNA interviewed him in his shop in April this year.

“We opened this A2Z Sports-House in 2014 after long thinking to the idea relating to the opportunities available and needed here in Mogadishu-Somalia where peace and stability come back well and the life goes well, our first headquarter is in Bakara market, our aim is to cover needs of sports-equipment here and reach the rest of other regions in the country”, Abdinur said.

“We sell football clubs’ clothes, shoes, cups, gloves as you see here, we have both regular clients and new customers coming to us, they order some equipment of football wear to bring, they sometimes say about the possibility to change shape and design, we listen to their concerns, needs and recommendations and get back to the companies we take these products from”, Mr. Abdinur said.

“We bring most of our products, the sports equipment from China, we have good relations and business deals with Chinese companies, these companies make and design our products how we want them, there are other countries we also buy such T-Shirts and shoes from Dubai and Pakistan”, said Abdinur.

“European Champions club teams’ wear are very much interested by the youth here like England’s Chelsea, Manchester United, Spain’s Barcelona and Real Madrid, Italy’s Juventus, AC Milan and Germany’s Bayer Munich, our product price is affordable and it is not expensive and that    is why our customers increase” Mr. Osman said.

“We hold other services and encourage national teams, we cover play grounds with artificial grass in Mogadishu now, we take part peace efforts, we offer free cups when some of national teams or Universities teams games come to an end, in Ramadan month, we hold and facilitate football matches in Mogadishu”, Osman added.

There are other sports games like basket, handballs, but football is the most watched, played, and interested in Somalia.

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By Mohamed Osman Abdi “Black Cobra”